1104, 2018

Big Dollars in Small Margins

Media Conglomerates Look to Stay Agile with Consistent PPM Practices

 The world of media and communications is not as disparate and diverse as it may seem. Large media conglomerates account for a significant portion of the […]

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3003, 2018

Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) by Projility Infographic

Projility links Service Management with Project and Portfolio Management.  Take a look at our latest Infographic to explain!


Projility provides expert solutions for effective change. We offer enterprise portfolio and project management solutions based on Microsoft Project […]

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2003, 2018

The Constant PMO Struggle: Resource Management

For those who work within a Project Management Office (PMO), resource management is a constant struggle. Deadlines often pass without deliverables because teams lack who and what they need – when they need it. It […]

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2802, 2018

Migrating Bad Behaviors: Why a Migration is the Perfect Time for Change Within the PMO

After making the business case to move your Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) to the cloud, it is tempting to rush into the migration process. Online PPM tools, like Microsoft Project Online, offer impressive benefits […]

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2602, 2018

Using WAgile Projects to Address PMO Challenges

In today’s Project Management Office (PMO), the line between Waterfall and Agile projects is not always clear. Different projects require different approaches – regardless of what Project Managers (PMs) think or prefer. Having a hybrid, […]

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202, 2018

How to Drive Digital Change Through the PMO

Digital transformation has been a major theme for CIOs and CTOs over the past few years. The trend has helped them secure attention at the highest levels, facilitating some significant – and much needed – […]

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2601, 2018

Project Management Trends for 2018

The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) arena is going to see many developments in 2018. Many trends are coming straight from advances in Information Technology (IT), generating exciting opportunities to gain insight within the Project […]

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812, 2017

ITBM & SOC: Two Services You Should Be Considering Right Now

There is a good chance that you have heard about Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) and its security-related counterpart, Security Operations Consulting (SOC), before. These two services are intrinsically related, optimizing operations that are commonly […]

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3011, 2017

Tips for Executing a Successful Project Online Migration

Project Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) tool. It is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to govern projects while staying aligned with business goals. Migrating to Project Online successfully requires meticulous […]

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2211, 2017

Business Intelligence: Transforming Data into Opportunities

While every enterprise aspires to be data-driven, data requires some attention before it becomes meaningful. It derives its purpose during the transformation process – where it is converted from mere facts into contextual understanding. Organizations […]

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1011, 2017

MS Planner Linked to Project Professional

Microsoft recently pushed out a selection of updates to Microsoft Project for O365.  Unfortunately, if you are currently utilizing the perpetual license, you will not see this update at this time. One of these updates […]

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711, 2017

Integrating Business Intelligence into Your PMO Culture

Business Intelligence (BI) is a popular topic in the business world – especially within the Project Management Office (PMO). Organizations are constantly looking for ways to pull together information and analyze it. Data can show […]

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2610, 2017

New Agile Features in Project Professional

First off, I just want to thank Brian Smith and the team at Microsoft who have listened to feedback and incorporated Agile into Microsoft Project. We have been waiting for a while for these new […]

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1110, 2017

How to Create a Fiercely Awesome (and Helpful) Timeline in Microsoft Project

Since the timeline feature was introduced with Project Professional 2010, Microsoft Project has made great strides in improving it – especially over the last three versions. In today’s post, I will outline the highlights and […]

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310, 2017

10 Reasons It’s Time to Move Your PPM to the Cloud

The “cloud” is a buzzword that simply won’t go away – and for a good reason. Enterprises have finally realized its true value, both in terms of software and services. If your company isn’t taking […]

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3009, 2017

Common Project Management Roadblocks – and How to Avoid Them

Project Management Offices (PMOs) often fail for the same reasons. Poor resource allocation, bad data, and lack of standardization can disable your PMO before it even gets off the ground. By addressing obstacles before they […]

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1509, 2017

Why Collaboration is Crucial to a Successful PMO

Many Project Management Offices (PMOs) fail due to lack of collaboration. When team members and managers overlook communication amongst themselves, as well as with influencers and decision-makers, projects tend to stall and fall apart. To […]

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2008, 2017

An Electronics Powerhouse Seeks to Fulfill Its Founder’s Heartfelt Pursuit

A Company with a Purpose

Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works was founded in Japan in March of 1918. Its founder, Konosuke Matsushita, was a 23-year-old entrepreneur who felt that electricity was on the brink of transforming […]

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3007, 2017

The Real Potential of Power BI

Power BI offers analytics and reporting solutions to organizations that are in desperate need of business intelligence (BI). This potent Microsoft tool can be viewed on any device, at any time, and it can connect […]

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1507, 2017

Solving PMO Challenges with Hammerhead – Projility Infographic

Solving PMO challenges with Hammerhead by Projility?  Check out Projility’s latest Infographic:
 Solving PMO Challenges with Hammerhead!

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3006, 2017

World Class PMO Capabilities – Projility Infographic

What does your PMO organization need to be world class?  Check out Projility’s latest Infographic:
 World Class PMO capabilities!




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1506, 2017

Hammerhead BI for Project Online and Power BI

While working with Microsoft’s Project Online and Power BI Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions, you may have noticed that your data often becomes static within the system. Information must be refreshed continuously to stay relevant, […]

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3005, 2017

Removing the Stigma from Your PMO

If your Project Management Office (PMO) is seen as a hindrance or merely a cost center within your enterprise, then it’s time to do something about it. PMOs should be viewed as enablers and liberators […]

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1505, 2017

Managing Change in Your PMO

With new technologies emerging every day and market disruptors creating unexploited niches in the marketplace, change has become the inevitable new norm. While embracing change can be good for corporation, it can often be difficult […]

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2004, 2017

Do You Need a Resource Manager?

Resource Managers aren’t new to the Project Management Office (PMO), yet many organizations still don’t fill this position. While their scope of responsibility varies from organization to organization, their primary focus is on governing the […]

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1504, 2017

Fighting Disruption: A Lodging Company Finds Agility with Projility’s Hammerhead Solution

The hospitality and travel industry has been growing steadily over the past couple of years. Stability in the United States labor market and increases in disposable income have bolstered this upturn, with enhanced consumer confidence […]

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1504, 2017

Hammerhead Projects for Microsoft Project Online

Hammerhead Projects for Microsoft Project Online is Projility’s enterprise solution for project analysis, insight, and reporting across your portfolio. It adds robust business intelligence to Project Online and Project Server with on-demand, flexible dashboards and […]

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703, 2017

Why Do I Need a PPM Data Warehouse?

There’s no doubt that data is critical in today’s business world. It drives the decision-making process in all aspects, from targeting the right audience to measuring product success. To make time-sensitive decisions, though, data needs […]

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2802, 2017

How to Fix a Project Site Notebook Name

When you have a project within Microsoft Project Online, one of the key benefits is that you also get a project site. Project sites are useful tools for teams to collaborate, track documents, and enforce […]

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1502, 2017

Facilitating Profitability Through Dynamic PPM Solutions

The healthcare industry is incredibly diverse, covering everything from pharmaceuticals and hospitals to medical devices and agricultural bioscience. Each sector serves unique needs and fulfills a specific purpose. Some healthcare organizations work on curative and […]

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602, 2017

Leveraging Hammerhead to Solve Busy PMO Challenges

Busy PMOs face the challenge of managing shifting priorities in addition to managing their large portfolios of projects. As projects needs adjust to changing priorities, PMOs need to realign workflow processes so that execution and […]

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2701, 2017

Enhancing the User Experience: Migrating to Project Online

Old Habits Die Hard

While larger enterprises benefit from resources that smaller ones only dream about, they experience challenges of their own. It can be immensely difficult to execute changes – especially ones that impact the […]

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1301, 2017

Microsoft Project’s “Unsupported server” Error

We have been using Microsoft Project 2016 for a while now at Projility. As consultants, we connect to various Microsoft Project Online and Project Server environments. We noticed recently, however, an error that we have […]

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601, 2017

How to be more efficient within Microsoft Project 2016

There are many things we could talk about when it comes to using Microsoft Project more efficiently. For anyone that has attended a Projility Project Manager training class, the first thing that you learned was […]

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3012, 2016

How to Achieve Real Project Portfolio Governance

Many enterprises never achieve true project portfolio governance. While Project Portfolio Management, or PPM, may be the heart of governance, other factors must be taken into consideration when supervising a portfolio. If you can ascertain […]

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2712, 2016

The Root Causes of PMO Metrics Failures

When trying to measure the efficiency and success of your project, each step of the Performance Measurement Process lifecycle presents challenges. Strategic metrics from the beginning of the lifecycle are often hard to measure, while […]

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3011, 2016

Best Practices for Implementing Cloud Based PMO Solutions

Many enterprises are choosing to migrate from Microsoft Project Server to Microsoft’s cloud-based, scalable Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, Project Online. Project Online offers many advantages over Microsoft’s traditional on-premises offering, however, even cloud-based […]

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1511, 2016

The Essential Metrics for a Project Manager

The metrics that work for the PMO don’t necessarily work for the project manager. Project managers need detailed, real-time information to effectively plan, design, execute, and monitor projects. In addition, team members require personalized metrics […]

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1411, 2016

Tracking Methods within Microsoft PPM – Project Online and Project Server

There are three distinct tracking methods within Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. Understanding these practices – and how they relate to the way you plan your tasks – will help you choose the tracking […]

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3010, 2016

Tying IT Portfolio Management and Business Strategic Planning

The IT department often finds itself in a predicament when trying to meet organizational goals. On the one hand, general management wants to decrease spending, while on the other, departments are asking for new IT […]

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1510, 2016

Competencies of a World-Class PMO

A world-class PMO helps portfolio managers build the right things and project managers build things right. Managers at all levels must have relevant and timely information at their fingertips. With the help of role-based dashboards, […]

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3009, 2016

Leading Indicators: Data that Anticipates PM Failures

The best metrics can provide a window into tomorrow, anticipating both successes and failures. By having an accurate picture of what has happened in the past, the PMO should be able to answer questions regarding […]

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1509, 2016

The Essential Metrics for a PMO

The role of the PMO has become indispensable in organizations. It supports aligning projects to strategic business goals and helps deliver them on time, within budget. Even with success, though, PMOs still need to prove […]

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3008, 2016

Know Your Audience: Aligning PMO Reporting with Decision Makers

It is essential to align reporting to a decision maker’s span of control and his or her decision-making cycle. Once performance information is obtained, there is a big difference between what a CIO or PMO […]

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1508, 2016

Influencing Project Portfolio Outcomes Through Targeted PMO Dashboards

Successful PMOs understand the importance of two key factors in project and portfolio reporting: visibility and insight. Without both components, project managers and senior management will not know the health or status of projects, their […]

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911, 2015

How Companies Can Improve Resource Management on Projects: A Three-Spoke Approach

Almost all of the PMOs we meet with struggle to effectively manage resources, not just at the project level but at the portfolio level. In order to more effectively manage resources (people), organizations need to […]

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2809, 2015

Why the PMO is Happy Projility Launched Hammerhead Online

Large scale projects are hard to manage effectively. Team members come and go. Project managers may not have all the resources they need to meet tight deadlines and stringent budget requirements. Many things can go […]

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1808, 2015

Opportunities to Test Drive MS Project Online Across the US in Fall 2015

PROJILITY is excited to announce that it will be running 11 MEC programs across the United States between September 16 and November 1. MEC stands for Microsoft Experience Center and is a powerful sales and […]

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508, 2015

Am I Choosing the Correct Project Leader for My Project?

I am often asked by our clients, typically leaders in the Project Management Office (PMO), “How do I know if I have the right project managers to lead large-scale, organization-wide projects? I tell them it […]

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2207, 2015

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Better PMO?

When I think about the top project managers I’ve worked with, I reflect back on the role the Project Management Office (PMO) can have on their career development. There are four things the PMO can […]

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807, 2015

Develop Data-Driven Project Management Reports to Make Better Business Decisions

Project managers need data-driven reports from their PPM solution to help them make better business decisions. I hear that in almost every conversation I have with PMOs. If the PPM solution cannot present the right […]

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2406, 2015

Are My Project Managers Strong Project Leaders?

When I reflect back on the skills that top, cream of the crop, project managers have in common, it comes down to three. I’m talking about the top 5%, the handful of project managers that […]

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1006, 2015

The Difference Between Project Management Tools and Solutions

I am often asked by project management officers (PMO) to explain the difference between a project management (PM) tool and a PM solution. I love the question because it means that they are looking to […]

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2804, 2015

How to Produce Reports that Help You Make Better Project Decisions

Executives rely on the PMO to provide input for critical business decisions. Just having project management software is not enough. In order to provide expert reports, you need to clearly define the decisions you are […]

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2404, 2015

Why Fortune 500 Companies Should Consider Microsoft PPM Solutions

Time and time again, for nearly a decade, large customers across many vertical markets have counted on Projility to provide them expert project management solutions for effective change. Companies across many industries have benefitted from […]

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1404, 2015

Answering the Question, To Do or Not to Do this New Project?

To do this project or not to do this project? That is the question.

With apologies to Shakespeare, many of the companies we work with wrestle with this question frequently and look to us to help […]

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2401, 2015

What a C-Suite Executive Should Expect for their PPM Automation Investment

We usually come across two types of people when companies are ready to invest in project portfolio management (PPM) solutions. The first person is in the Project Management Office (PMO) and has been trying for […]

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901, 2015

Strategies for Getting Your Organization Ready for Project Server

I recently posted a blog that discussed a strategy you could be taking to prepare your company for automated project portfolio management (PPM). In this blog, I’ll discuss some strategies to ensure that an optimized […]

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201, 2015

Payment Processing Leader Vantiv Manages Portfolio AND Projects Through Hammerhead

Vantiv is a payment processing and technology provider headquartered in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. The company manages hundreds of IT and product development projects and needed a way to more effectively manage its project […]

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1212, 2014

How to Quickly Put an Effective Resource Management Plan in Place

We have helped hundreds of companies implement project portfolio management (PPM) technology solutions. When the companies embrace the technology and utilize best practices, it can be a wonderful thing. Executives can understand how to best […]

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