About Us

98% On-Time, On-Budget (and lovin’ every minute of it)

Founded in 2005, PROJILITY is a privately held project portfolio management (PPM) technology solutions firm with offices in Reston, VA, Miami, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We have been able to quickly make our mark in the niche of project management through a unique process methodology that has proven to deliver a 98% on-time, on-budget project success rate on more than 100 clients across the public sector and Fortune 1000. We also offer the PROJILITY software product line, which helps enterprises quickly and cost-efficiently get up and running on Microsoft Project Server.

That’s a mouthful of words that can be formed into one bite-size message:

We are darn good at what we do.

We're not just saying that to impress you. Gartner  Group named us as part of their PPM Magic Quadrant reports, whcih became the launching pad for our expansion into services across multiple enterprise functional areas.

And that’s not all: we are also proud to be one of only seventeen Microsoft partners globally with a unique level of Microsoft product team access, and a top Microsoft partner with the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) competency. Plus, our leading PROJILITY software tools and apps have been widely adopted across numerous vertical markets, such as healthcare and IT.

Remarkable Service. Remarkable People. Remarkable Performance.

For organizations in need of transformation, improvement, or growth, the PROJILITY team offers a proven capacity to deliver remarkable results across your entire enterprise.

We offer Project Management and Microsoft Consulting Services – each performed by a staff of flexible, agile, and adaptable people who share a passion for delivering cost savings, increased efficiencies, and improved effectiveness to the clients we serve.

Now, let’s answer the one burning question you probably have if you’re considering PROJILITY as a potential client or employee…

“Why Should I Choose PROJILITY?”

Besides the already-stated fact that we’re darn good at what we do, here are a few more compelling reasons to work with us:

  • You’ll work with remarkable people (remarkably talented, that is):
    Time and time again, our experienced and remarkable consultants successfully assess business, process, and technical needs, and develop solid roadmaps to real solutions.
  • You’ll benefit from a proven process (no guinea pigs or “experts in training” around here):
    We provide a multi-phased, multi-disciplinary approach, along with the organizational plans, structure, and training necessary to achieve enterprise-level objectives.
  • You’ll be working alongside an industry leader (and you know what they say about the company you keep):
    We have a solid track record with recognized industry and government clients and are recognized by Microsoft, Gartner, and the Inc. 5000.
  • We’re not too nerdy (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    Our people are definitely smart, but we also stress the need to enjoy the journey while delivering remarkable results to our clients. Because let’s face it: projects can get grueling at times. When you work with us as an employee or a client you join forces with a professional, quirky-in-a-good-way, successful, fun (and all sorts of other adjectives) company and we’ll pour our hearts and souls into your success.

So come and talk to us. Share with us why your job keeps you up and night. Let us apply our proven process management approach to meet your organizational process management, technology management, and enterprise transformation needs.