Business Application and Development

PROJILITY creates simple to advanced web applications for clients that meet and surpass expectations.  If you need assistance in designing and developing business critical web applications or lack in-house capacity and expertise to develop robust custom applications, PROJILITY can help you by:

  • Performing in depth analysis of requirements
  • Working with clients to gather pertinent processes and data necessary for  the functionality of  the application
  • Creating detailed process flows of each application component
  • Leveraging existing cutting edge technologies and tools to meet the objectives of the application Developing custom web applications to quickly and efficiently streamline business needs

Case Studies

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Defense Intelligence Agency

Service Delivery Standard (SDS) Automation and Application Development

Business Problem:

Within DIA’s DS (CIO) organization the systems development lifecycle process (Service Delivery Standard - SDS) was not well defined.  Documentation and audit trails were not standardized, systems engineers and managers did not have visibility on functionality, gate review status, and risks associated with top IT development projects.

Solution Approach:

Supported the re-design of the SDS process architecture and designed a standardized, automated solution (ASDS - Automated Service Delivery Standard) to drive collection of project system engineering data, status, milestone review/approvals, and reporting.  Trained the system administrators, project managers and users for multiple version releases of the application.


Created transparency, management confidence, and enhanced productivity for systems engineers and CIO managers.  Increased the accuracy and efficacy of key project lifecycle documentation.  Executive management now can view dashboards displaying SDS attributes across a portfolio of major development initiatives.

Department of Homeland Security

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) EPM Solution

Business Problem:

USCIS was in the process of re-engineering its core application development methodologies, in order to provide more timely solutions to meet growing demands from the field service centers for easily accessible, rapidly-deployed systems.

Solution Approach:

A comprehensive solution that include process development, technology deployment, and training.  Led by the deployment of the Microsoft EPM solution, the team proved the solution could easily couple with the rollout of the Agency’s new Application Development and resource management methodologies.


Standardized project management processes resulted in lower cost of delivering projects and increased project team productivity.  Automated Status Reporting to management provided greater time savings for project leaders, and timely insight for key decision makers into project status.  Top-down Portfolio view of active project and their health, increased transparency across the portfolio, and enhanced accountability to the project manager level to ‘owning’ deliverables and activities.