Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management done right

Face it, everyone wants the same thing. A well-balanced, tightly managed portfolio where all decisions are made strategically by the PMO. What’s the reality? There’s lots of work to manage, and just the thought of implementing Project Portfolio Management is daunting.  You want complete but easy, the right tools that get people doing the right things, every day.  All with minimal change and stress to your already-overworked teams.

So how do you get there? PROJILITY’s experience tells us it takes four elements:

  1. A strategy
  2. Good procedures and processes
  3. The right tools
  4. People and money to get the job done

What kind of results have we seen? How about:

  • $100 million annual savings (you read right)
  • 150% improved resource utilization
  • Reduce the overall portfolio load by 30%
  • Improve on-time, on-budget projects by 40%

To get these results PROJILITY’s deeply-experienced consultants rely on a methodology that was recognized by the bigwig analysts for its depth, accuracy, and ability to execute in real challenging environments.  We’ve been there, done that, and have the know-to to help implement PPM successfully. 

PROJILITY takes Project Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 (the most popular and affordable PPM tool suite) and makes it shake in just the right way.

Need a PPM plan? Looking for the right tools and advice? Want real help with Microsoft Project Server? Talk to us.