Knowledge Management – SharePoint Business Solutions (SBS)

You know somebody has done it before…and you know it’s on someone’s hard drive somewhere… but where?  Where are they?  Gee, if I only could track that guy down….

We all know that many agencies struggle with how to efficiently find, store, access and use organizational knowledge. PROJILITY’s SharePoint Business Solutions (SBS) combines selected facets of our 3-layer capability set, designed specifically to manage organizational knowledge and get the most out of core SharePoint platform functionality. SBS provides users with a customizable web-based solution and integrated workspaces to manage intellectual capital:

  • Knowledge Management: access organizational information in a centralized portal solution
  • Process Repository & Automated Workflow: provide centrally located processes with automated workflow capabilities
  • Enterprise Project Management:  manage multiple projects in a consolidated master project plan
  • Metrics Dashboard: present metric dashboards and reports
  • Calendar: organize events on an enterprise level
  • Records Management: control the creation and retention of electronic and non-electronic records
  • Strategic Goals and Objectives Tracking: monitor organizational progress toward strategic goals

To embed changes and ensure their adoption we execute appropriate user adoption, program and performance management, as well as communications and training capabilities

Key Outcomes

  • Increases staff productivity and efficiency; reduces waste and realizes cost savings
  • Increases collaboration within the workforce by improving project and activity collaboration and visibility
  • Increases retention and use of organizational intellectual capital
  • Increases alignment of strategic goals and objectives and associated accountability
  • Enhances program communications,