Microsoft Consulting Services

So, here’s the plan: we bought all this Microsoft stuff, now we just need to make it work!

The question: how do we leverage all these great Microsoft tools  to deploy a well-integrated platform, lots of good solutions for the business, and manage IT more cost effectively.

Easier said than done.

While Microsoft provides the industry’s highest-value, lowest-cost IT and solutions platform, you can’t just turn it on and make it work. It takes planning, a solid roadmap and a partner who knows the Microsoft world, inside and out.

Enter Projility: we live and breathe Microsoft solutions every day.  Here’s what we do with Microsoft software:

  • Project Portfolio Management – get your projects, resources, investments and work in-line and working for you
  • SharePoint Collaboration – it’s a biggie, so how do you tame this animal? We know how…. From planning governance around portals to specific business applications, we know SharePoint inside and out, and can help you plan and deploy it right, the first time
  • The Cloud – ah, the Cloud, it means so much to so many people.  How do you develop a REAL Cloud strategy that saves you money, limits your business risk, and delivers real value?  And how does that play into Microsoft’s strategy.
  • Integration and BI – wanna bring systems together? How about data from different places? We know how to design and deploy integrated systems and business intelligence that helps you make the right business decisions, today.
  • Mobile – now, how do I get all these great apps I just deployed on the phones, tablets, iWhatevers people are bring into my enterprise? You need a deployment plan and long term, flexible approach to this.

Projility’s Microsoft consulting services practice has helped clients ranging from Verizon to GEICO to Amtrak to the US Government save money, leverage existing investments, and deploy REAL solutions that delivery ROI and business value every day.

Our proven (by the way, the analysts love this about us) methodology can help you assess, architect, plan, deploy, train staff, and support the simplest or most complex Microsoft solution for your business.

Plus, we know all the guys over at Microsoft (some of us actually used to work there!) and can help you answer even the toughest questions, and deploy the most complete/interesting solutions. Bring it on!

Want to learn more? Talk to us.