Organization Assessment, Change and Design

Ever feel like your organization just needs to get ‘back to basics’? ….or, you need to re-look how your organization is structured to deliver on a new or changed mission?  Often we see great opportunities for improvement in organizations that are stuck in a structure best suited for the Cold-War  era, or for a time before web-based technologies were mainstream.

PROJILITY’s Organization Design capability is a multi-dimensional approach to aligning an organization’s resources and how those resources are managed and employed in support of its mission, strategy, and functions

Our framework captures four interrelated dimensions that together define the organization itself:

  • Why does the organization exist?... How can we best interpret mission to increase probability of success?  What purpose does it serve and what strategic goals and objectives does it seek to achieve?
  • What functions should the organization perform?... Often what the organization is doing runs counter to what it should be doing. What does the organization need do to meet mission, create value and achieve its strategy?
  • What resources does the organization need?... What types are required to execute the functions?
  • How does the organization execute?... How are these resources managed and employed?

Key Outcomes

  • Increased productivity and communication via new organization structures designed better to meet mission and stakeholder priorities
  • Alignment of  mission and customer focus: Focuses an organization’s execution around meeting mission needs and associated customer requirements
  • Optimizes execution: Allows an organization to tailor its operations to meet resource constraints

What does the research say about why IT implementations fail?  You know the answer but won’t admit it.  Go on, say it.  It’s what everyone knows is needed, sees the value in, but most often does not embrace. Most IT implementations fail and/or are dramatically off schedule and budget targets due to the lack of a coordinated change program….So, why not just do it!

PROJILITY’s Organization Change integrating framework leverages a comprehensive set of capabilities to solve IT implementation and adoption’s toughest problems. Based on Georgetown’ University’s Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP) body of knowledge, we help our client’s achieve sustainable results by employing customized approaches

PROJILITY facilitates clients through the development of change management products associated with an integrated and aligned set of change dimensions :

  • Plan and Lead: Change Roadmapping, Stakeholder Management, Communications
  • Embed: Learning and Training, Process and IT re-design and implementation
  • Manage: Project Management, Performance Management
  • Rapid and broad-based adoption of new organizational processes, structures, and/or IT
  • Builds stakeholder buy-in and ownership of any changes
  • Embeds change across the organization
  • Coordinates efforts and measures the change