PM Maturity Assessment and Planning

Three Project managers walk into a bar…

Bartender: ‘What’ll you have?’

First PM: “More time.”

Second PM: “More money.”

Third PM: “Another job.”

How do you figure out who the third PM is, before you have to?

You have a team of Project managers working for you, all with different backgrounds, skills and experience.  And you have a series of important projects to deliver now.  What’s the best way to assess who should work on what, and how do you get the weaker Project managers up to speed (or out) quickly?

PROJILITY’s tenacious Project management Assessment can help you figure out where your team’s skills are TODAY, and give you a real improvement and training roadmap, lickety-split. Our tested method includes a look into the individual and team’s project management competency, skills in important areas such as communications and scope management, and assesses their overall ability to learn and deliver.

What do you get? A plan you can execute against, that focuses on integrated skills required to deliver projects in the real world.

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