Process Re-design and Automation

If you only have a hammer all you see are nails, right? Well, we don’t fall into this trap. We know that business process challenges come in many shapes and sizes, and no one re-design approach can solve them all.  Is your process re-design goal quality, efficiency, or both?  PROJILITY’s Process Re-design and Automation capability helps you discern your best way forward given what you want to achieve.

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) analyzes processes, identifies opportunities for improvement, applies industry best practices and constructs new paradigms for process performance
  • SOP Repository houses the processes reengineered through BPR in a centralized internet/intranet site, complete with links to policies, procedures, regulations
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) generates the fastest rate of improvement in cost, customer satisfaction, process speed, and quality
  • Re-designing to ITIL process standards enables organizations to efficiently and effectively design, provide and maintain IT services
  • Automation ofre-engineered processes, particularly as part of SharePoint platform, drives improvement in cycle time and productivity

Key Outcomes

  • Cuts cost and streamlines business workflows
  • Enables continuous process improvement
  • Reduces / eliminates process defects and optimizes process flow
  • Improves overall effectiveness and efficiency of IT services while reducing the IT cost burden to clients
  • Aligns business strategy with process reengineering, organization redesign, and IT development