Project Portfolio Management

How’s our Portfolio?

It’s a question CIOs and CFOs are asking of every day. Why? Lot of reasons – reduced budgets, increased pressure to deliver with fewer resources – everyone wants more value while spending less.

The big question is: how do I get there and deliver REAL PPM.

The answer (wait for it….): plan right, implement intelligently, measure effectiveness at every step.  But you know that already, or you wouldn’t be reading this!

So, how can Projility help? Just like we’ve helped organizations ranging from Abbott Laboratories to Verizon to the US Department of the Interior – using an approach focuses on delivering real results in several key PPM processes:

  • Pipeline and Demand Management – what’s coming in, and how do you meet the demand
  • Resource Management and Capacity Planning  – who’s going to do the work?
  • Financial Management – can we afford it, and if not, what do we change?
  • Risk Management – at the end of the day, it’s all about reducing risk!
  • Project Management – without execution, we’re all hung out to dry….
  • Change Management – it’s inevitable, it’s everywhere, it impacts everything
  • Portfolio Analytics – what every executive and PMO wants, now

The good news? You don’t have to be Abbott or Verizon or the DoI to implement SUCCESSFUL PPM. You need a solid process, an implementation roadmap, and a partnership with folks like us at Projility. Leverage our experienced consultants, proven (read: the analysts like it!) methodology that drives to success, no matter what your size, scope or needs.

Thinking of PPM in the Cloud? We do that too!

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