Strategic Planning and Performance Management

We believe that ‘doing strategy’ without metrics and execution discipline is a waste of your time and money. If you choose not to measure how you’re progressing against your strategy then this is not the capability for you. Strategic alignment means executing strategic planning by bringing together key leaders and implementers to determine where an organization(s) must focus (mission), where it must be (vision), how it intends to get there (goals and objectives), and how to measure success (performance metrics). It aligns people, processes and technology to plan, measure, monitor, and drive organizational performance. Our tailored approach includes: 

  • Strategy Development: formulates strategic elements (i.e., vision, mission, goals, & objectives) through facilitated session with key stakeholders
  • Measures and Targets Development: links the organization’s strategic mission and direction to specific desired outcomes
  • Execution/Strategy Management: develops key elements needed for successful implementation to include action plans, metrics, and governance structure. Supports the execution of the strategic plan by providing change and program management assistance

Key Outcomes

  • Enforces a results-orientation: develops a pragmatic and measurable strategy which allows for monitoring of progress
  • Enables successful Implementation: fosters effective and efficient execution by codifying strategic direction and linking activities and resources to strategic priorities
  • Secures ownership:  collaborative and transparent methodology solidifies stakeholder buy-in
  • Provides Clear linkage (“line of sight”) between strategy and performance
  • Enables Visibility of underlying factors affecting performance
  • Balances Measures across various dimensions (e.g., leading/ lagging, different activity categories, strategic/ individual)