Training and User Adoption

We know that great IT implementations harness user input. Users help determine how best to get IT in, fast, so that new IT functionality can be used optimally. This means you gotta actually talk to users, listen to what they say, and then actually use that feedback in implementation communications and activities. Our approach moves users up the Adoption Curve while managing downside risks (see figure, below). Business owners and user groups are engaged through targeted, customized training and communications, often coinciding with the system development lifecycle. Key aspects of user adoption involve the following:

  • Leveraging our Strategic Communications capability, such as user communications strategy and planning; communications materials development and execution; stakeholder identification, messaging, and measuring; and stakeholder/user/employee relationship management and outreach. These user communications products and materials drive user feedback, which are then used as an input to systems requirements/modernization, as well as training improvements and organizational lessons learned.
  • Executing PROJILITY’s Training capabilities to include all key, foundational learning components, to include all aspects of the ADDIE training development lifecycle —training analysis, planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation—where training plans, materials, schedules, and user manuals constitute key outputs. PROJILITY has strong experience in executing the training lifecycle and has used it to design and deliver on-line, classroom, and train-the-trainer training.

Key Outcomes

  • Rapid Adoption: represents the sum total impact of all user engagement techniques- new IT use is optimally embraced, leveraging its full functionality, in less time and with less resistance
  • User Ownership: because users were participants in IT roll-out, users have developed an understanding about and a willingness to use new IT, and a sense of that their own success is tied to IT roll-out success
  • Enhanced User Ability: users have all the tools they need to properly use new IT