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27 12, 2016

The Root Causes of PMO Metrics Failures

By |2018-06-06T11:19:05-04:00December 27th, 2016|PM Tools, PMO Metrics, Project Metrics|

When trying to measure the efficiency and success of your project, each step of the Performance Measurement Process lifecycle presents challenges. Strategic metrics from the beginning of the lifecycle are often hard to measure, while more tactical metrics at the end of it are either not trusted or misapplied. It’s important to understand the reason [...]

15 11, 2016

The Essential Metrics for a Project Manager

By |2018-06-06T11:19:06-04:00November 15th, 2016|PM Tools, PMO Dashboards, PMO Metrics, Project Managers|

The metrics that work for the PMO don’t necessarily work for the project manager. Project managers need detailed, real-time information to effectively plan, design, execute, and monitor projects. In addition, team members require personalized metrics to stay on task and on schedule. Metrics should be based on time, cost, resources, scope, quality, and action items. [...]

30 09, 2016

Leading Indicators: Data that Anticipates PM Failures

By |2018-06-06T11:19:11-04:00September 30th, 2016|PMO, PMO Metrics|

The best metrics can provide a window into tomorrow, anticipating both successes and failures. By having an accurate picture of what has happened in the past, the PMO should be able to answer questions regarding projects in the pipeline. With the proper hindsight comes the proper guidance into the future. The Questions You Want Answered [...]

15 09, 2016

The Essential Metrics for a PMO

By |2018-06-06T11:19:11-04:00September 15th, 2016|PMO, PMO Metrics, PPM|

The role of the PMO has become indispensable in organizations. It supports aligning projects to strategic business goals and helps deliver them on time, within budget. Even with success, though, PMOs still need to prove their worth. There are many metrics – or performance measures – that are essential for PMOs to continue to add [...]

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