There is a good chance that you have heard about Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) and its security-related counterpart, Security Operations Consulting (SOC), before. These two services are intrinsically related, optimizing operations that are commonly undervalued within your organization. In fact, it is possible for ITBM and SOC to completely eliminate the idea of “overhead” – generating business value from two critical, misunderstood departments.


The Facts

ITBM is centered around one principle: IT needs to be run like a business. If you treat your IT department as an expense, it will operate as an expense – chewing up budgets and creating internal roadblocks. If you handle it like a business, it can become part of your overall strategy – driving value and contributing to success.

Security should also be run like a business, but SOC must consider additional matters, too. It provides guidance for safeguarding assets, which is increasingly difficult in today’s tumultuous cyber environment. SOC also ensures compliance with applicable Federal regulations, keeping your business in business.


The Relationship

ITBM and SOC are inherently related. They both solve vital organizational needs, maintain a certain level of service, protect against risks, and manage compliance activities. These actions cannot be separated from one another; they require coordinated efforts between the two departments.

With this interdependent relationship, it makes no sense to review IT without reviewing Security – and vice versa. They should be strategically evaluated at the same time, accounting for both their unique functions and their common elements.


The Advantages

Together, what can ITBM and SOC do?

When the services are conducted concurrently, ITBM and SOC build upon one another.

ITBM offers:

  • Increased visibility – Connect costs to value and data to decisions, promoting better, more intelligent judgments.
  • Improved processes – Incorporate best practices into your processes, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.
  • Better alignment – Ensure functions support organizational objectives and goals, empowering growth and progress.

Then, SOC adds:

  • Enhanced architecture – Facilitate architecture designs that account for business operations, creating networks, systems, and applications that are secure and efficient.
  • Stronger remediation – Neutralize the weaknesses that are making your organization vulnerable, defending mission-critical assets through robust security controls.
  • Consistent compliance – Comply with guidelines, standards, and other Federal regulations, preserving your contracts and reputation.

Goodbye, “Overhead”

Without the support of IT and Security, your daily business operations would be nearly impossible. Can you imagine maintaining a secure facility without Security – or setting up a network without IT?

By utilizing the ITBM and SOC services offered by Projility, you can stop treating these departments as overhead and start managing them as operational expenses. Their processes can impact your entire organization and help you drive real business value. It’s time to recognize their worth, make them strategic, and see how much they can do to enable success.

Is your organization ready to say goodbye?

Projility provides expert solutions for effective change. We offer enterprise portfolio and project management solutions based on Microsoft Project Server and Project Online, with tailored dashboard reporting, analytics, and decision-making tools via our Hammerhead technology. Projility also implements professional services automation systems established on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Service, and presents cloud-based strategies, migrations, and hosting solutions through Microsoft Azure. Contact us for more information.