Busy PMOs face the challenge of managing shifting priorities in addition to managing their large portfolios of projects. As projects needs adjust to changing priorities, PMOs need to realign workflow processes so that execution and performance don’t suffer. With Projility’s Hammerhead software integrated with Microsoft’s Project Server and Project Online solutions, PMOs can execute and manage their dynamic environments by centralizing access to information and improving control over the project portfolio lifecycle.

The Top Three PMO Demands
After performing outside research and listening to direct feedback from our enterprise PMO clients, we have determined that the top three PMO requirements in today’s marketplace are:

  1. Improved tools and methods. PMOs are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance project execution, and monitor and manage performance.
  2. Easier data access. With simplified, straightforward access to data, timely and accurate reporting becomes painless.
  3. Powerful dashboards. Information needs to be driven to end users across multiple project portfolio areas by dashboards that are robust, providing visibility and insights to support key business decisions.
  4. PMO challenges

    Hammerhead Offers a Distinct Competitive Advantage

    Projility’s Hammerhead software, reporting framework, and PPM data warehouse works directly with Microsoft Project Server and Project Online to deliver access to two critical sets of data that are not readily available via out-of-the-box solutions. Busy PMOs need these data sets to make quick, insightful decisions. They are: Traditional Data and Critical PPM Execution & Decision (CPED) Information.

    Traditional data includes all the basic information that a PMO needs to operate, such as resource allocation, status and bottleneck updates, schedule health, risk lists, and milestone tracking. CPED information covers areas such as benefits, change orders, scope, action items, and management decision points – which are often overlooked when it comes to project management software.

    With both data sets in place, PMOs have all the information and tools they need to drive improved project execution and management.

    They can:

    • Reduce their decision-making timelines
    • Maximize system performance and optimize workflows
    • Visualize PPM information and scenarios
    • Leverage existing enterprise tools, such as Office 365, Microsoft Project or Project Online, and Power BI

    Real, Proven Results

    Clients who utilize pre-built Hammerhead solutions have realized many benefits without the cost of expensive customization. They have enhanced data access, reduced time-to-value, and lowered cost with their Project Online implementation – all while receiving a better return on investment overall from their PPM system expenditure. Additionally, user satisfaction has increased with an improved user experience.

    Hammerhead offers a pre-built PPM data warehouse and on-demand access to ALL your PPM information, including a pre-configured data model and reporting framework, to drive information and data to the end users who need it, within tools they know and use today. With visibility and insight from Hammerhead, and the ability to access pre-built dashboards or build your own with Power BI, PMOs get the business intelligence they need to make crucial business decisions and stay competitive. What could your organization accomplish with Hammerhead?

    Projility provides expert solutions for effective change. We offer enterprise portfolio and project management solutions based on Microsoft Project Server and Project Online, with tailored dashboard reporting, analytics, and decision-making tools via our Hammerhead technology. Projility also implements professional services automation systems established on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Service, and presents cloud-based strategies, migrations, and hosting solutions through Microsoft Azure. Contact us for more information.