Does your PMO have access to all the data it needs?

In our experience, most organizations struggle to achieve true insight into PMO operations because their data is siloed within their PPM application.

Projility’s Hammerhead PPM Data Warehouse creates a centralized information source that enables data to be accessed on demand from your PPM system. It contains a synchronization engine that keeps data fresh, and its flexible design allows it to be hosted anywhere – either on-premises or via the cloud.

Hammerhead PPM Data Warehouse:

  • Transforms – Imagine having all the data you need at your fingertips! By providing easy access to data from various sources, Hammerhead’s PPM Data Warehouse delivers enhanced Business Intelligence.
  • Streamlines – Forget the hours and hours of labor it used to take to build and generate reports. With our synchronization engine and a pre-built reporting library, best-practice reports can be quickly accessed and modified in minutes instead of days, saving time and money.
  • Enlightens – With all the data you need in one centralized place and a library of over 40 industry-standard reports and interactive dashboards, your PMO will have the pertinent, timely information it demands to pursue PPM excellence.

Are you ready to make the data-driven decisions that your PMO deserves? Contact Projility today to learn more about our expert PPM solutions.