Project managers, resource managers and executives love the over 60 pre-built reports that come with Hammerhead. These include Administrative, Project Management, Program Management, Resource Management and Team Member reports. Hammerhead also comes standard with a number of dashboard and sub-report detail screens for all project participants. Sub-reports are next-level drill down views accessible from a Hammerhead dashboard. Custom reports built specifically for your organization can be loaded into the system at any time.

Click the below thumbnails for sample Hammerhead dashboards. A complete list of Hammerhead reports is found below:

Hammerhead Projects Screenshots

Hammerhead BI Screenshots

Project Manager Reports

  • Earned Value by Project Report
  • Multi-Project Consolidated Status Report
  • Resource Time Worked Report
  • Late Tasks Report
  • Complete Project Status Report
  • Tasks in Progress Report
  • Project Details Report
  • Project Tasks Progress/Summary Report
  • This Month Milestones
  • Project Overview Report
  • This Week Tasks Report

Team Member Reports

  • My Planned Time Off
  • My Projects and Assignments
  • Project Tasks by Resource
  • My Planned vs Reported Hours
  • My Task Count and Status
  • My Project Tasks
  • My Timesheet Activities
  • My Project Milestones

Program Manager Reports

  • Program Overview Report
  • Program Details Report
  • This Month Milestone by Program
  • Project Tasks by Program

Resource Management Reports

  • Resource Activity by RBS and Position or Role
  • Task Update Compliance (who is compliant, who is not)
  • Resource Allocation Report
  • Timesheet Compliance Report
  • Resource Allocation and Demand Report
  • Resource Capacity vs. Demand Heatmap by Position Role

Project Server Administrator Reports

  • Active/Inactive Resources
  • Archived Project Details
  • Assignment to Timesheet Consistency
  • Draft Project Details (non-published)
  • Custom Field Details
  • Enterprise Templates and Custom Fields metadata modifications
  • Project Baseline Details
  • Project Type Details
  • Published Project Details
  • Queue Job Details
  • Security Categories., Templates, Users and Groups Modified
  • SQL Server Project Server database fragmentation