itbm and soc2IT Business Management & Security Operations Consulting

Are your IT and Security operations driving business success?

For decades, enterprises have looked at their Information Technology (IT) and Security departments as necessary evils. These divisions consume the majority of every company’s overhead budget, yet they are perceived throughout the organization as inhibitors and interrupters.

In today’s volatile marketplace, this mindset needs to change.

With disruptors hiding in the shadows, an enterprise must ensure that every department is running efficiently and adding to its bottom line. Figuring out how to drive value from IT and Security is not always obvious, though. You may need a partner to realign how these departments operate on a daily basis – and change the mentality of your entire organization.

Becoming Proactive Enablers

To become business enablers, IT and Security departments must first partner with their cohorts on the business side. The only way to help them is to become more like them – proactively focusing on outcomes, quality, and customer service.

At Projility, our IT Business Management (ITBM) and Security Operations Consulting (SOC) services bring your IT and Security operations into line with business practices, making them more effective and dynamic.

Projility’s ITBM and SOC services can benefit your business by:

  • Streamlining operations. At Projility, we take the entire lifecycle of the product or service into consideration. By implementing new operating models, processes can be reinvented to maximize performance.
  • Producing insight. Visibility into processes and procedures is difficult without skilled Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Projility’s team of PPM experts can organize Project Management Office (PMO) operations and shed light on issues such as project health, bottlenecks, and pipeline management.
  • Decreasing spending. Projility can help you manage costs efficiently, optimizing budgets and resources. We can also assist in your financial reporting efforts, and illustrate the connection between costs and business value.
  • Strengthening compliance. We can help you stay compliant with Federal regulations, mandates, and guidelines. Our skilled team understands that a proactive compliance strategy means more than just meeting minimum requirements; we tailor our approach to meet your organization’s unique needs and budget.
  • Pinpointing vulnerabilities. Threats are everywhere. From malware and phishing to denial-of-service and password attacks, your cybersecurity environment must evolve constantly. Through comprehensive assessments and tests, we can identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your networks, systems, and applications.
  • Remediating issues. Security-control and architecture recommendations are critical when eradicating weaknesses, but we take it a step further. We look at each issue from every angle, preparing thorough guidance that accounts for both its technical functionality and its business objective.

Lock 3Are you ready to partner with the process experts?

Projility is in the process-optimization business. We understand the connection between technology, security, and PPM because we have helped clients all over the world transform, improve, and grow.

We don’t just design processes; we know how to implement them. With best practices in mind, we can tailor ITBM and SOC services to meet your needs – whether you need to comply with a multitude of Federal mandates or simply want to scale your PPM to meet current demands.

It’s time to reinvent IT and Security in your organization. Let Projility show you how.