Microsoft Project Online Migration - OrangeHosting & Cloud Solutions

With our rich experience helping organizations around the world achieve more from their Microsoft PPM and CRM investments, a natural progression for PROJILITY was to begin offering cloud and hosted solutions. We’ve taken this expertise and now offer one of the industry’s most dependable and solid service offerings.

Companies today need a cloud and IT platform that can fit their ever changing needs. Globalization, increased competition, and constantly evolving customer requirements are reasons why they are looking to move to the cloud and require hosted systems. The Microsoft cloud lets them quickly build, test, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centers. In many cases, our clients will start with a hybrid approach utilizing both cloud and on premise hosting.

Our experienced consultants will help you understand your organizational goals, and then work with you to create the right strategic approach to hosting your applications to ensure your goals are accomplished. Whether you’re looking for cost effective storage, scalability with your data or disaster recovery security, we’ll help you get there. PROJILITY consultants are experts on Microsoft Azure and have helped clients around the world build out their hosting strategies for years.

Other cloud and hosting services we provide are:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Strategy
  • CMS Migration