itbm and socProject Portfolio Management (PPM)

We provide Expert Solutions for Effective Change and this is particularly valid in our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practice. Clients around the world and across multiple industries have relied on PROJILITY to help them develop their project management processes in order to most effectively utilize Microsoft Project Server and Project Online technology. Our PPM consultants help them develop sound strategies to enable the technology to work effectively for them to help them reach their business goals.

In order to enable the technology, four elements are required:

  • A sound strategy
  • Good procedures and processes
  • The right tools
  • People and money to get the job done

Concerning tools, one of the major reasons why organizations rely on PROJILITY is our Hammerhead technology. Hammerhead helps you get more out of your Project Server and Project Online implementation so that you can reap your return faster. Many PMOs we engage with said they were looking for a solution that can help them get more value from their Project Server investment by reducing their customization and maintenance needs, hasten deployment, reduce training costs, and drive user adoption. Project Server and Project Online are powerful solutions and Hammerhead makes them even more so. We think of them as expert solutions for effective change.

To make Project Server and Project Online even more usable, Hammerhead groups critical activities by role type such as project leader, executive, and portfolio manager. This solves low usage adoption concerns, since users now have just what they need per their job requirements at their fingertips. Hammerhead organizes functions so that all of the information each employee needs is in one place. It also highlights what requires attention as well as what’s important to know. It provides a very intuitive mechanism to show what needs your attention so that you can drill down as needed. It can also filter out stuff that shouldn’t concern you so that you don’t waste cycles acting on unnecessary tasks.