Power BI offers analytics and reporting solutions to organizations that are in desperate need of business intelligence (BI). This potent Microsoft tool can be viewed on any device, at any time, and it can connect to hundreds of data sources simultaneously. When partnered with Projility’s Hammerhead BI solution, the software’s capabilities are enhanced even further. This powerful combination gives companies more insight into data than ever before – paving the way for smart, informed business decisions.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a robust collection of analytics tools. It allows enterprises to see real-time data and report on it – putting the right information in the hands of the right people. Personalized dashboards offer a quick glimpse into your business, while professional and visually-appealing reports drill down on specific data sets for different user groups.

Power BI leverages Office 365 as a platform, allowing for quick and easy implementations thanks to the familiar Office 365 interface. It can also scale to meet the demands of growing organizations while still maintaining data governance and security. For added convenience and compliance, the Power BI Report Server (database) can be hosted behind your firewall or in Microsoft’s cloud.

What is Hammerhead BI?

Hammerhead BI improves the dashboard and reporting features offered by Power BI by presenting an alternative to Power BI’s Excel-based functionality. Users can personalize dashboards by dragging and dropping features, and then access them anywhere, from any mobile device. The dashboards present best-in-practice metrics and analysis in an easy-to-digest and efficient layout. Information such as portfolio health, return on investment, risk, and project status is available within a few simple clicks.


The Benefits of Complete Business Intelligence

By implementing Power BI with Hammerhead BI, enterprises can realize:

  • Complete data control – Data security is more critical now than ever before. You can track who is accessing data and where it is being used, and take action before a threat turns into a crisis.
  • 24/7 insight availability – Even on the go, you can pull data from any source – whether it’s in a data lake in the cloud, in an on-premises application, or on a social media platform like Twitter. Prepping real-time data is quick and easy, and reports can be customized to fit decision-makers of all levels.
  • Intelligent decision-making – Every industry runs on data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is adding fuel to the fire. Power BI with Hammerhead BI make sense of all your data, integrating it from various sources and transforming it into actionable information.
  • Improved applications – Bring data into apps to enhance your user experience. Dashboards serve as powerful resources for customers and end users, and interactive reports offer guidance and understanding.

Is your enterprise in the dark when it comes to data? Bring analytics to light with Microsoft’s Power BI and Hammerhead BI.. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

For more information on Hammerhead BI, take a look at the following introduction from Projility’s Rob Hirschmann.

Hammerhead BI Introduction from Rob Hirschmann on Vimeo.

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