Time and time again, for nearly a decade, large customers across many vertical markets have counted on Projility to provide them expert project management solutions for effective change. Companies across many industries have benefitted from our powerful process, exceptional people, and vast knowledge of Microsoft Project Server and related products, such as Office 365 and SharePoint. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional solutions on the Microsoft platform to extremely satisfy customers. It’s this commitment that has led us to meet and service interesting, global companies that were looking to take Microsoft Project technologies beyond where they had historically gone from an application and market penetration perspective.

I doubt that there is another project management product and services company as committed to promoting, deploying, and supporting Microsoft PPM Online solutions as Projility is. We are staffed by the leading Microsoft PPM professionals in the market. It’s this total commitment that has helped Projility become the leading advocate for Microsoft’s Project Online and On Premise technologies in the industry for nearly the past decade. We have developed (and continue to invest in) apps for Project and Project Online, and focus on delivering customer-focused, high value online-based solutions for our clients.

Legacy Project Management Solution Did Not Scale Well

One client example is a world-leading medical technology company. This company had been struggling with an antiquated project management application, PlanisWare. PlanisWare had been chosen by the IT organization at corporate headquarters to be used by over a dozen divisions globally. Unfortunately for the divisions, the solution was not a good fit for their needs. It did not scale well and did not provide transparent reporting. It was difficult for the field units to effectively manage their projects or understand where they were at any given point from a resource or financial perspective.

The company invited Projility to run a pilot in one of its Research and Development (R&D) divisions. The project leader for the division was looking for better transparency, reporting and controls over their project portfolio. Projility introduced them to Project Online. The customer was blown away by the capabilities and possibilities the solution offered them.

After a highly successful pilot, they decided to deploy Microsoft Project Online across the divisions in the United States, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, supporting over 5,000 users.

The initial deployments were to R&D and product development projects. In fact, our first client was the director of the R&D team. Projility has historically had the opportunity to work with numerous departments to deploy Project Online and Project Server across the globe, most of which were for IT projects. However, when the customer saw the value, ease of use, and reporting the solution provided, they were very excited to see how well the solution would work on projects outside of IT, in this case R&D. In fact, the customer said that it was in part the versatility of the solution and that it could handle multiple types of projects that made it very appealing.

Demonstrated the Wide Range of Solutions Available from Microsoft

This is just one example of a company that we have shown how Microsoft Project Online solutions can transform their business and help them manage and deploy better performing projects throughout their global enterprises.

For the customer, we demonstrated a wide range of offerings that would help them achieve success including Microsoft Project Online, Project Pro for Office 365, Project Online, Project Lite, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Excel Online, and Excel Services. We helped them evaluate and implement the technology and trained their people. We supported the initial launch and are driving the solutions across the rest of their global enterprise and across multiple groups.

Many of our customers, you see, were laden with older, inflexible project management technology that provides limited value to them. This was particularly true for companies with groups located around the globe. It’s been the emergence of Project Online that has shown these companies that they can get deeper, richer information about the state of their projects. Projility has been at the forefront of this revolution and has shown customers around the world how they can use the tools to be more productive and transparent in order to deliver the information to project team members that they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Projility is also committed to creating new and unique ways that companies can learn the benefits of Microsoft Project Online solutions. For instance, this past year we implemented a nationwide program of Project Online Workshops that have generated over 1,000 seats of Project Online and over $1 million in net new pipeline. This program was so inventive and successful that Microsoft has launched a similar program to expose companies to the benefits of Project Online (Project MECs)! This is something we were very proud to see happen.

Microsoft customers love Projility because we understand their project leadership challenges and bring them well thought out, provocative solutions to meet their needs. Our rich expertise in implementing hundreds of Microsoft PPM systems has given us the expertise to help them meet their critical project leadership initiatives. We have launched so many amazing project initiatives for companies across multiple verticals that we can help them get right to the point of what they need to do to be successful.

Does your company have project management challenges? If so, send me an email to chat. We probably have some tips that could help you better manage them.