Industries Served

Professional and IT Services

Projility has helped dozens of professional services and IT firms develop, implement, and grow their resource and project management capabilities through sound usage of Microsoft PPM solutions. We understand the challenges these companies face. For example, resource management is an important component of IT portfolio management and must be factored into all stages of the investment lifecycle. We help professional service companies use PPM solutions to plan accurate demand and capacity estimates across all stages of the project’s lifecycle.

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Projility has worked with healthcare payors, providers, and healthcare product companies to provide a full-range of solutions using Microsoft PPM technology. One area that we’ve worked with healthcare organizations on is project financial management. This is an important step to show each project’s value to the overall organization. The financial information they can gather helps create a complete picture so that executives can make sound decisions about resources and project prioritization.

Public Sector

Projility has a rich history working with Federal, State & Local Government departments and agencies to solve their unique project and program management challenges, ranging from basic blocking and tackling project execution, to more advanced portfolio prioritization, capital and resource planning, and advanced reporting. Services and products are available via multiple contracting vehicles including GSA IT-70, state-level contracts, and via reseller partners such as Insight, Softchoice and SHI.

Retail/Consumer Packaged Goods

Retail/CPG organizations have relied on Projility to help them more effectively use PPM tools to, among other things, manage their demand where all IT investment requests are gathered, evaluated, categorized and prioritized. Our consultants have worked with many service organizations to identify and communicate business trends determined by checking demand over time, giving project leaders unique visibility into future demands on your resources. The combination of Microsoft PPM and Projility 's solutions provides automated workflow for request-driven work, enabling seamless evaluation and distribution of work to the appropriate individuals and teams.

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We have worked with dozens of manufacturing firms to help them implement sound and effective project and budget management processes using Microsoft PPM technology and Projility solutions. For example, we’ve helped firms on a wide range of challenges from short-term project creation to a highly detailed breakdown of work structures and budgets. We help them enable best practices, support for task and project dependencies, and issue, risk and change management. In many cases, this may include project scheduling, status reporting, and budget management to track cost, effort and change history and contingency planning.

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