Why Projility

Our clients seek us out for a multitude of reasons, each as unique as a fingerprint. Typically, they find themselves at a crossroads where their business yearns for transformation, improvement, or growth, and it's the projects that light the path forward. They're on a quest to ensure that these projects march to the beat of a timely, budget-friendly, and expectation-meeting drum.

Sometimes, it's a quest to modernize their business processes, bringing them in tune with the current needs, people, and industry conditions, like a tech-savvy maestro orchestrating a symphony of change. Other times, it's a journey to reimagine how they manage the mystical troves of information related to their projects, people, and work, turning it into a treasure map of insights.

Armed with our battle-tested methodology and a squad of remarkable individuals, we've embarked on hundreds of these quests, proudly boasting a 98% on-time, on-budget project success rate. But remember, it's always about you, the client, and us teaming up to chart the course to triumph together.

  • You’ll work with remarkable people. Our experienced and remarkable consultants successfully assess business, process, and technical needs, and develop solid roadmaps to real solutions.
  • You’ll benefit from a proven process. We provide a multi-phased, multi-disciplinary approach, along with the organizational plans, structure, and training necessary to achieve enterprise-level objectives.
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  • You’ll be working alongside an industry leader.  We have a solid track record with recognized industry and government clients and recognized by leaders such as Microsoft and Gartner.
  • We understand why you’ve chosen Microsoft for your PPM journey. For Projility, it’s not just about the technology. We understand the business reasons that drive your decisions to use best-in-class solutions, that play well with everything else in your enterprise. It’s easier, more cost effective, and provides the least resistance and best results.

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