For almost twenty years, Projility has been the trusty sidekick that businesses and government agencies count on to save the day. Need help planning, deploying, or supporting projects across your enterprise? We’ve got you covered. As one of Microsoft’s top PPM partners, we’re the go-to gurus for expert solutions that make change not just bearable, but downright enjoyable. We help our clients save money, boost efficiency, and achieve impressive results, even in the wildest, most complex project jungles.

Around the globe, companies and government agencies flock to us like bees to honey. Why? Because we’re Microsoft’s best buddy in the PPM playground. We’re the secret weapon they call in to help plan, implement, and support PPM technologies. Our Hammerhead products? Think of them as the Omni Tool for Project management solution implementations. We offer enhanced visibility and controls that make managing your portfolio of projects, resources, and work as easy as pie…and who doesn’t like pie?

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just about keeping things running smoothly. We’re here to turbocharge your ability to support these tools and related processes like training and onboarding. In short, we make you look good and never leave you hanging.

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You and your team have been so amazing to work with and the overall excitement by our Management Staff and the end users is wonderful. Because of the implementation of MS Project Online we will have all of our projects / work requests in one location and now have the ability to track everyone’s progress in one place.

Senior BA/PPM System Owner, State Government Agency
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