new Microsoft Planner

It’s finally here! Microsoft’s latest and greatest update to the Planner app now including hot new project scheduling and tracking functionality. Think of it as a great way to get your business teams running with a basic project management tool, all through Microsoft Teams!

Best of all, it’s built on Microsoft’s Power Platform components like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Dataverse so you can bring basic project management to another level.

Where can Projility’s magic bring you with the new Microsoft Planner?

  • Discovery and Demo
    Check out the goods, show your management team and decisions makers how Microsoft’s latest Collaborative Work Management productivity tool can help plan and manage work. Have Projility’s team of wizards guide you through a targeted demonstration, drive discovery sessions with leadership, and explore the art of the possible with the new Planner. Let’s get a plan in place!
  • Readiness and Deployment
    No holding back, it’s time to roll this bad boy out, who’ll be your magical partner on this journey? Projility! With our team of experienced wizards we’ll help you align the goodest of good practices to get your technical, business and user teams ready for the rollout. Then, we’ll whip out our wands of mastery and deploy the technology, bringing it to new heights. Imagine: flashy reports and dashboards across all your data, smooth workflows making even the clumsiest folks dance, and helping you lay a solid foundation for the Castle of Collaboration you so dearly need.
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  • Adoption and Change Management
    The system’s in place, now what? With good solid planning and access to a team that helps you make all this stuff work, it’ll take your tasks and projects to another level. How do we do it? Try 19 years of experience doing this for over 400 big starship enterprises, we’ll bring sorcery and work together as part of your team to make magic happen. Training, knowledge transfer, guidance, communication planning - all these things wrapped into a Stromboli of transformation with your business and the new Planner.
  • Extensibility
    Ah, it’s time for that big E word. What ELSE can we bring together with our fancy new solution to make life even better, easier and more streamlined? Integration with all your other tools, of course! Want a Power App with your own handy-dandy processes, workflows, and data built in? No problem. Projility’s deep dish of experience bringing these systems together creates harmony from what seems like a puzzle of tech tools.  And best of all, we’ll be there for you in the long run, with a partnership you can lean on.

With our services, the new Microsoft Planner becomes your trusted sidekick, helping you navigate the complex world of collaborative work and project management with ease. Get ready to conquer your projects with style and precision!



Outstanding Support

Consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and played a pivotal role in delivering outstanding support to both our organization and our government customer on our critical program.

Finance lead, Major Federal Government Program Office


if you're the type of organization that thrives on Microsoft magic, where Excel spreadsheets are your secret scrolls and Teams meetings are your epic gatherings, then new Microsoft Planner is your go to solution. It's your chance to step into the superhero world of project management, where you're not just comfortable but downright invincible in supporting apps in this dynamic platform. It's a Microsoft-powered adventure waiting to unfold!


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